As much as we wish the start of 2021 brought a return to normalcy, reality still looks like masked faces, extra hand sanitizer, and uncertainty. The continued social distancing and precautions, even in this new year, can leave us feeling isolated and hopeless, desperate for connection and community. But here at the Branch, we believe distance doesn’t have to equal disconnected.

Much like each of us in line these days at the grocery store, standing on predesignated floor spots, the individual dots on a connect-the-dots picture exist as isolated marks – that is, until the artist joins them together. Only then do you realize that each individual dot has a role to play, because you need EVERY dot to create the bigger picture. This month, we want to provide ways for each individual – each ‘dot’ – to connect to the greater picture both at The Branch and as part of God’s kingdom.

Through connecting in groups, serving, investing, inviting, and giving, we believe each of us can start this new year connected with God and one another. We invite you to join us this month as we share ways you can engage with us and with your relationship with God from wherever you are. We believe you belong here; let us help you Connect the Dots.

  • Groups

    Many people understand church as something you attend on Sunday mornings. We love gathering to sing, connect, and learn, but we believe the church is a place to know and be known.

    The bottom line is that life is better connected and we don’t want anyone to walk through life alone. This is why we have Community Groups. Our groups meet for 12-week sessions three times throughout the year: in the fall, winter, and summer. You can sign-up for our winter session now by clicking the button below.

  • Serve

    Everything our church does is only made possible by the tireless service of people who give their time to create environments where people can connect with God. It is because of this that we would love to find a way for you to join our team.

    But frankly, that’s not the only reason.

    At The Branch, we believe something that is easy to understand but also pretty counter-cultural. We believe that being a part of something bigger than yourself, by essentially giving yourself away, you’ll find a quality of life that is deep and satisfying. Our church is place where we can come together and form something that is greater than the sum of its parts. We have seen God do incredible things in the lives of people in our church. To get involved, click the button below.

  • Give
    We believe that the cure for greed is generosity. In Matthew 6:24, Jesus tells us quite clearly that we cannot serve two masters. By choosing to be generous with our income, we demonstrate our dependance on God as our master.
    There are many great ways to practice generosity. First, you can give to The Branch, and partner with us in our mission of leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus.
    But if you’re looking to take your generosity a step further, below are some incredible organizations that we believe are doing wonderful things for our communities and our world.
  • Invest & Invite

    We all have people in our lives that we want to see enter into a growing relationship with Jesus. But for many of us, the first step can be the hardest. We get caught up in the details: what should I say? What if they aren’t interested? I don’t want to come off like a weirdo. I’m not qualified/educated enough to do this!

    Many of us have been brought up to think of evangelism like a sales pitch. We’ve all encountered the preacher shouting on the street corner at some point, and if we’re honest, it’s not an image that most of us want to emulate. But the truth is, sharing Jesus is less about convincing strangers to change their minds and more about building relationships with people around you. Here are some practical ways you can invest and invite in the coming weeks.

    • Share our weekly services on your Facebook page.
    • If you’re ready to attend in person, register for our services and bring a friend with you.
    • Set up a time for coffee and catching up with a friend. Just coffee. Don’t come with an ulterior motive like you’re trying to sell them something. Listen to them and empathize as they share what’s happening in their life. Honestly share what’s happening in your life.
    • Support people in your life through acts of kindness. For example:
      • Help someone move
      • Pray with someone who is going through a difficult season
      • Buy lunch for a coworker
      • Give a word of encouragement to your boss
      • Be a beacon of light and love to those around you