Read: Romans 6:15-23

Paul continues to unpack his argument for the power Christ gives us over sin. Christ has done the impossible for us in dying the death we should have died and freed us from our sinful nature. We now live under that freedom and grace. However, Paul wants to clarify that this does not mean we get to sit back and do whatever we want. “Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? By no means!”

If we are indeed to live in freedom from our sinful nature, our desire and joy should be to walk in obedience to God. Paul believes this so strongly that he poses a choice between two different types of slavery, either slavery to sin or slavery to righteousness. The modern-day prophet Bob Dylan says it well: “it may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.” While either choice results in slavery, this is far from a no-win situation.

All it takes is a quick look at the result of these two different paths. One path results in wages of death, while the other leads to the gift of life. Wages implies work and suggests that when we sin, we are actually serving Satan. What is our payment? Death. Word of advice: if you ever receive a job offer where the compensation is death, head for the door. Whereas when we obey God, we find that we are our freest selves in this life while also receiving the gift of eternal life. Only one kind of slavery leads to freedom.

If you know you are ignoring God’s call to obedience in an area of your life, stop. Offer yourself to him. Obey. Be free. Live.


  1. Compare and contrast sin and righteousness in this passage. What do you notice about the immediate result and what it leads to?
  2. Are there any areas of life where you are obeying sin instead of God? What steps do you need to take to submit to God and follow him?

Gracious God, you have given us the greatest gift of eternal life in Jesus. Despite past disobedience, your offer to us of freedom in Christ stands. Help us to live fully into this freedom through obedience to you. Amen.