14.4 You disrupt any licensing key mechanism in products or otherwise bypass the mechanisms in products intended to limit your use, 1. Mr. Repositories. The data you download from Bitbucket Cloud is stored in the repositories. They determine whether the repositories are public (i.e. anyone who visits the Bitbucket website can view them) or private (i.e., access to these repositories is limited to those who have the right to access deposits). For each public deposit you manage, you must specify the license under which you make the contents of the repository available to others, as well as the license under which you accept contributions to your repository. · All references to “Documentation” are the user documentation you provide to them via Jira Align. Prime Timesheet Product is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws and contracts. Unless this contract expressly states otherwise, Prime Timesheet holds all rights to titles, copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the Prime Timesheet product, and the Prime Timesheet product will not be sold directly to you by the Prime Timesheet. d. From time to time, we may promote certain power-ups as “Taco`s Picks” based on popularity in the Trello community or positive user feedback. Promoting a power-up as a “Taco`s Pick” does not mean that we support this special power-up or give guarantees or guarantees on how the power-up will work.

(a) We will make reasonable economic efforts to provide Jira Align with at least 99.5% of the time during each calendar month during the current lifetime, with the exception of Excusable Downtime Commitments. Jira Align is considered available if one or more users can access it, with the exception of excusable downtime. “unsustainable downtime,” the time Jira Align does not give you because (a) you use Jira Align in a way that is not authorized in the agreement or that does not comply with existing documents; (b) events of force majeure or other factors that are not subject to our proper control, including, but not limited to access to the internet or related problems; (c) your equipment, software, network connections or other infrastructure; (d) your data or materials; (e) third-party services, contingent functions, third-party devices, applications, add-ons, software or technology (excluding our agents and subcontractors); or (f) routine maintenance or appropriate emergency maintenance in accordance with Atlassian maintenance policy.